Volatility Roiling IT Job Market, Report Finds

Wednesday Jun 9th 2010 by Datamation.com Staff

After several months of increases, the net number of IT jobs dropped slightly in May.

eWeek: A new report from research firm Foote Partners reveals new volatility in the IT job market. In April IT jobs showed a net gain of 8,800, but in May, the number went down by 100 jobs. "Volatility is the name of the game for IT skills as well, not just jobs," said CEO and chief research officer David Foote. "We're seeing 30 percent to 40 percent volatility in our surveys of premium pay for certified and noncertified skills, which is defined as the percent of the 438 skills we survey that change in value---up or down---every three months. And that’s unprecedented in our tracking going back to 1998. Typically it is in the 14 percent to 19 percent range."

However, the report does not attribute the volatility primarily to the state of the economy. "Ironically, what's causing these volatility swings have less to do with the recession than with employers accelerating transitions to new, more for flexible staffing models," Foote said. "Employers have been struggling with very deliberate IT workforce transformation for years; resistance to this level of organizational change is natural. The recession has been successful in breaking down a certain amount of this resistance."

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