Google Pledges Fresher Results with 'Caffeine' Index System

Wednesday Jun 9th 2010 by Staff

Search giant promises "50 percent fresher results."

PCMagazine: Google has announced that it has completed work on "Caffeine," its new Web indexing system which promises "50 percent fresher results for Web searches than our last index."

In a blog post, the company explained that the new index is constantly being updated. "Every second Caffeine processes hundreds of thousands of pages in parallel," Google said. "If this were a pile of paper it would grow three miles taller every second. Caffeine takes up nearly 100 million gigabytes of storage in one database and adds new information at a rate of hundreds of thousands of gigabytes per day. You would need 625,000 of the largest iPods to store that much information; if these were stacked end-to-end they would go for more than 40 miles."

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