Apple's Lost Founder: Jobs, Woz and Wayne

Friday Jun 4th 2010 by Staff

The little-known third founder of Apple lives on his social security check and money he makes selling stamps, rare coins and gold in Nevada.

MercuryNews: In 1976, Ron Wayne co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. He designed the company logo, wrote the manual for the Apple I computer, and drafted the partnership agreement that gave him a 10 percent stake in the company. Twelve days later, he sold that stake back for $800 because he was worried about the possibility of creditors coming after his assets.

If it had kept his share of the company, it would be worth $22 billion today.

Instead, Wayne lives in a small town in Nevada, where he spends his social security check on the penny slots. The MercuryNews offers an interesting profile of this 76-year-old who might have been one of the superstars of the tech industry.

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