Study: IBM Telecommuters Can Handle 19 More Hours of Work

Thursday Jun 3rd 2010 by Staff

While 9-to-5 workers report work-life balance issues after just 38 hours, flex-time telecommuters work 57 hours before experiencing the same problems.

Science Daily: A new Brigham Young University study of 24,436 IBM employees in 75 countries has revealed another benefit of telecommuting: telecommuters report maintaining their work-life balance while working up to 19 hours longer than their traditional counterparts.

For the study, researchers identified the "tipping point" as the number of hours when 25 percent of employees said that work was interfering with their personal/family life. Among employees with traditional hours, that point came after just 38 hours. For flex-time workers who spent some time at the office and some time telecommuting, that point came after 57 hours.

Not surprisingly, IBM managers have increasingly been embracing these flex-time/telecommuting arrangements, with 80 percent agreeing that productivity increases when employees have this type of flexibility.

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