Foxconn Plans Safety Nets, May Raise Pay After 12th Suicide

Thursday May 27th 2010 by Staff

After Apple, Dell and Hewlett-Packard pledge to investigate the ongoing issue, the twelfth employee this year attempts suicide at the Taiwanese tech supplier. So far this year, 12 employees at Taiwanese tech supplier Foxconn have attempted to commit suicide, and 10 have succeeded. The latest attempt came Wednesday night, immediately following a media tour of the facility and an announcements by Foxconn customers Apple, Dell and HP that they would be looking into the matter. As in the earlier cases, the employee in this instance leaped from the top of one of the tall buildings on the Foxconn campus.

Although it insists that its suicide rate is below the national average, Foxconn plans to take steps to prevent future tragedies, including installing safety nets to catch jumpers and calling in Buddhist monks to provide counseling. The company is also considering a 20 percent pay raise, but says that move is not related to the suicides.

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