Seagate Invents New Type Of Laptop Hard Drive

Monday May 24th 2010 by Staff

Hybrid drive that combines solid state flash memory and a traditional disk drive boosts performance.

NetworkWorld: Seagate's new 2.5 inch Momentus XT combines solid state flash memory technology with a traditional hard disk drive to boost performance. According to the company, the drive will boot Windows 7 in 23 seconds, compared to 18 seconds for a pure solid state drive (SSD) and 59 seconds for a comparable hard drive without flash. Applications also load faster using the new technology.

The Momentus XT features 4GB of NAND flash, 2MB of level one drive cache and a spin speed of 7,200rpm. Prices depend on the size of the drive: $113 for 250GB, $132 for 320GB and $156 for 500GB.

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