Microsoft Seeks to Put The Hot Back in Hotmail

Tuesday May 18th 2010 by Staff

The nearly 15-year-old e-mail service gets a facelift to help it compete with Gmail.

Wired: Microsoft has 360 million Hotmail users, but that's not enough. The company wants to be the top Web mail provider again. With that goal in mind, it will roll out improvements to Hotmail this summer to help it compete against Google's Gmail.

“Hotmail wasn’t doing the best job it could to serve customers,” explained Microsoft vice president Chris Jones. “We were behind on features and we felt like being number (one) in the U.S. market was important for us.”

The new interface will automatically sort e-mail into categories based on whether they're from contacts, mailing lists, social media sites, whether they have attachments, etc. It will also integrate with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and makes it easier to view attached photos.

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