Salesforce's Benioff: Microsoft, IBM Play Catchup In Cloud Computing

Tuesday May 11th 2010 by Staff

The CEO of the SaaS giant says Microsoft and IBM products were "designed for systems whose days are gone by."

USA Today: CEO Marc Benioff says that cloud computing is the future and tech heavyweights like Microsoft and IBM haven't innovated as fast as they should.

In an interview, Benioff said, "Users are just completely frustrated with the lack of innovation that has occurred in traditional business software. You look at products like Microsoft SharePoint or IBM's Lotus Notes and they're designed for systems whose days are gone by."

He added, "I'm not ruling out Microsoft and IBM, but they have done a terrible job over the last decade. That's just material fact. Certainly their investors have paid the price for their inability to innovate and their attempts to try to hold on to the old paradigms instead of innovating aggressively in the Internet. It's not about Microsoft or IBM; they're just trying to figure out how they can tactically catch up."

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