HP Sees a Revolution in Memory Chip

Thursday Apr 8th 2010 by Datamation.com Staff

New "memristors" could be used to create a replacement for flash memory within three years.

NY Times: HP researchers say they have made a technological breakthrough that could move computing components closer to the atomic scale. The company is touting its new "memristors" as a replacement for transistors and say they could use the technology to create an alternative to flash memory within three years.

While typical transistors today are built on a 30- to 40- nanometer scale, the memristors feature 3-nanometer technology and can switch on and off in a nanosecond. A chip built with the technology could store 20GB of data in a square centimeter and would continue working in the absence of electrical current.

“Not only do we think that in three years we can be better than the competitors,” HP physicist Stan Williams said, “The memristor technology really has the capacity to continue scaling for a very long time, and that’s really a big deal.”

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