IBM Breaks OSS Patent Promise, Targets Mainframe Emulator

Wednesday Apr 7th 2010 by Staff

Despite a 2005 promise not to sue open source companies over patent rights, IBM is threatening legal action against a company that offers services related to an open source mainframe emulator.

Ars Technica: In 2005, IBM promised not to sue open source companies for violations of 500 IBM patents. Now it appears to be breaking that promise as it threatens legal action against TurboHercules, which sells services related to the open source Hercules mainframe emulator.

Open source advocate Florian Mueller spoke out against the action in a blog post, saying, "After years of pretending to be a friend of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), IBM now shows its true colors. IBM breaks the number one taboo of the FOSS community and shamelessly uses its patents against a well-respected FOSS project. This proves that IBM's love for free and open source software ends where its business interests begin."

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