The Shrinking Female IT Workforce

Tuesday Apr 6th 2010 by Staff

Approximately 56 percent of women in IT leave their careers when they reach the "mid-level" point, double the number for men.

NetworkWorld: More than twice as many women as men abandon their IT careers when they reach "mid-level" management, about 56 percent in all, even though 74 percent of women in technology say that they love their work.

Why? One of the reasons could be that women earn less in salary and bonuses than their male co-workers. Some say that when women compare their salaries and benefits against the expenses of working and childcare, the numbers often don't add up.

In addition, fewer women are earning technical degrees. In 2008. female graduates accounted for just 18 percent of computer and information science degrees, down from 37 percent in 1985.

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