Tech Hiring Poised For Recovery -- And Open Source Leads The Way

Thursday Apr 1st 2010 by Staff

Silicon Valley firms are hiring again--and offering better benefits.

The Industry Standard: Strong job numbers from February and anecdotal evidence are leading analysts to speculate that the recession in the IT industry might be over. In particular, open source companies seem to be emerging from the downturn quickly.

Open-source firms like Jaspersoft, Sonatype, and MuleSoft need to bump up their head counts, but are finding it more difficult to find top candidates. "We had a ton of résumés for every position [at the bottom of the recession]. And we're still seeing a lot, but it's tougher now to find the very good people that we want," says MuleSoft's Mahau Ma.

Businesses are also working hard to keep the employees they have. "Contacts are telling me that companies have started to match 401(k) plans, giving occasional salary raises, and (on a selective basis) started to reimburse their employees for education and training expenses," says analyst Trip Chowdhry, of Global Equities Research.

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