Intel Debuts Eight-Core Nehalem-EX

Wednesday Mar 31st 2010 by Staff

One day after AMD unveils its 12-core processors, Intel takes the wraps off four new eight-core server processors.

InformationWeek: One day after AMD unveiled its new twelve-core processor, Intel fires back with four new eight-core processors. The Xeon 7500 series chips (code-named Nehalem-EX), are significantly more expensive than AMD's offerings: Intel's eight-core chips cost $2,461 to $3,692 each, while AMD's eight-core chips cost $266 to $744 and AMD's twelve-core chips cost $744 to $1,386.

InformationWeek notes, "In launching the new products, Intel is clearly going after the high-end server market dominated by RISC chips made by IBM, Sun Microsystems, now owned by Oracle, and others."

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