Google and Microsoft Call For Greater Limits On Government Snooping

Wednesday Mar 31st 2010 by Staff

The Digital Due Process coalition wants revisions to 1986's Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

TG Daily: A number of tech companies, including Google and Microsoft, have formed a new privacy-focused group known as the "Digital Due Process Coalition." Its members say the time has come to revise 1986's Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Specifically, they want privacy rules to cover e-mail and other communications stored in the cloud and warrants to be required before companies hand over location or transactional data to law enforcement.

"Technology has changed dramatically in the last 20 years, but the law has not," said Jim Dempsey, Vice President for Public Policy at the Center for Democracy and Technology, who has led the coalition effort. "The traditional standard for the government to search your home or office and read your mail or seize your personal papers is a judicial warrant. The law needs to be clear that the same standard applies to email and documents stored with a service provider, while at the same time be flexible enough to meet law enforcement needs."

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