HP Gets Slate Ready to Battle iPad

Monday Mar 22nd 2010 by Datamation.com Staff

When HP releases the slate later this year, it will likely be the biggest competitor for the iPad.

SFGate: While most of the media attention has focused on the iPad, it's not the only tablet coming out this year. HP's slate, scheduled for release later in the year, may be the biggest competitor for Apple's much-anticipated device.

The two devices do similar things, but were conceived in different ways. While the iPad is a beefed up phone, the Slate is a slimmed down computer.

"In some ways, Windows and Intel is a safe bet," said analyst Bob O'Donnell of IDC. "You have things that are important for people like Adobe Flash, and a lot of other things that people are used to. The question is how do people use them: like a big smart phone or a totally different way. That remains to be seen."

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