IT's 'Love Affair' with Windows XP Coming To An End, Says Survey

Thursday Mar 18th 2010 by Staff

Systems administrators who shunned Vista are slowly being won over by Windows 7.

InfoWorld: "System admins are divorcing the aging operating system and hooking up with sexier Windows 7 trophy," writes InfoWorld.

According to a new survey by Dimensional Research, 60 percent of IT managers were more concerned about the cost of upgrading to Windows 7 than the hassles of holding on to XP. Forty percent felt the opposite way. That's a marked change from nine months ago when 72 percent of IT administrators sided with XP and only 28 percent were more in favor of Windows 7.

"Over the years, IT has had a real love affair with XP," said Diane Hagglund, a senior analyst at Dimensional Research. "It was just a great OS. It just worked for them. But that feeling is going away."

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