FCC's Broadband Plan Critiqued As Overly Broad, Unfeasible

Wednesday Mar 3rd 2010 by Datamation.com Staff

It's still two weeks before the FCC submits its National Broadband Plan to Congress, but already analysts are saying that it would be so technically difficult to implement that Congress is unlikely to follow the plan.

Computerworld: While no one has yet seen the final draft of the FCC's Broadband Plan which will be submitted to Congress on March 17, already several analysts have criticized the plan for its unworkability.

"Congress is not going to spend any time with this plan, because it won't get any of the elected officials re-elected, so they'll just get a five-minute overview from their staffs and pass over it," said analyst and consultant Andrew Seybold.

Other analysts have taken issue with certain aspects of the plan that have already been released, saying that they are too broad, technically challenging, and politically nearly impossible.

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