Google, Microsoft Spar on Antitrust

Monday Mar 1st 2010 by Staff

Google says that Microsoft is using third party lawsuits to wage a proxy war and set the stage for a larger anti-trust case.

Wall Street Journal: Recently, Microsoft attorneys have also begun representing very small companies with suits against Google. Google says that the software giant is butting in on third party lawsuits with the goal of taking down the competition.

"It's become clear that our competitors are scouring court dockets around the world looking for complaints against Google into which they can inject themselves, learn more about our business practices, and use that information to develop a broader antitrust complaint against us," said a Google spokesman, Adam Kovacevich.

A Microsoft spokesman fires back that the charge is nonsense. "It shouldn't come as any surprise then that we frequently hear from parties who believe they've been harmed by Google, or that we would encourage anyone who appears to have a legitimate complaint to contact the appropriate authorities," said Jack Evans.

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