Britain All Atweet Over Twitter Phishing Attack

Friday Feb 26th 2010 by Staff

The latest Twitter phishing scam lands some prominent British politicians and journalists.

PCWorld: The latest Twitter attack has made top news in the UK by targeting at least one member of Parliament and other well-known figures. Ed Miliband, a British Cabinet member, and Matt Wells of The Guardian newspaper were among those who awoke this morning to find that someone had used their Twitter accounts to post embarrassing, sexually suggestive messages.

While experts believe that some of the accounts were compromised by software that hunts for weak passwords, others were likely the victim of a phishing scam featuring a photo of a young, attractive woman. Victims entered their login credentials at a Twitter-look-alike site in order to read a supposed message from the woman.

"Ultimately it's you, the human, that needs to do [the filtering,]" said security consultant Graham Cluley. "It's up to you to decide to enter your username and password. Fixing that bug in people's brains is an upgrade we are not capable of."

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