Facebook Wins Patent Over Newsfeeds

Friday Feb 26th 2010 by Datamation.com Staff

The granting of Facebook's patent application could have major consequences for other social networking sites.

TG Daily: Facebook has been granted a patent application of the "newsfeed" concept. First filed in 2006, the patent application explains, "A user (the viewing user) of a social network may choose to view a news feed about another user (the subject user) in the social network... A list of the subject user's activities within the social network may be drawn from various databases within the social network. The news feed is automatically generated based on the list of activities."

While it isn't yet clear what impact this will have on other social networking sites, it is clear the the impact could be huge. "Facebook patents the newsfeed... there goes the neighborhood," tweeted Chris Messina, a member of Google's new Social Web Team.

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