Italian Court Convicts Google Employees Over Video

Wednesday Feb 24th 2010 by Staff

Even though they removed an offensive video from their service and helped police track down those responsible, three Google executives were found guilty of violating Italian privacy code.

PC Magazine: Google is stunned after an Italian court has found three of its executives guilty of violating the country's privacy code. In 2006, someone uploaded a video of Italian students bullying an autistic classmate to Google video. When it was brought to their attention, Google immediately removed the video and even helped police track down those responsible. Still, prosecutors sought a conviction against Google's chief legal officer David Drummond, senior product marketing manager Arvind Desikan, global privacy counsel Peter Fleischer, and former chief financial officer George Reyes. Drummond, Fleischer, and Reyes were found guilty.

"To be clear, none of the four Googlers charged had anything to do with this video. They did not appear in it, film it, upload it or review it. None of them know the people involved or were even aware of the video's existence until after it was removed," Google's Matt Sucherman wrote in a blog post. "In essence this ruling means that employees of hosting platforms like Google Video are criminally responsible for content that users upload."

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