US Experts Close In On Google Hackers

Monday Feb 22nd 2010 by Staff

Analysts say they have identified the person responsible for the attack on Google and other companies.

Financial Times: On the heels of reports that experts had traced the attacks on Google and other companies to two Chinese schools, investigators now say that they know who was responsible for the attacks. They lay the blame on an unnamed "freelance security consultant in his 30s" who wrote some of the code used in the attack.

However, the US believes that the coder may not have intended his work to be used in this way. The Financial Times writes, "The man who wrote code to take advantage of the browser flaw is not a full-time government worker, did not launch the attack, and in fact would prefer not be used in such offensive efforts, according to the US team that discovered his role. 'If he wants to do the research he’s good at, he has to toe the line now and again,' the US analyst said. 'He would rather not have uniformed guys looking over his shoulder, but there is no way anyone of his skill level can get away from that kind of thing. The state has privileged access to these researchers’ work.'"

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