Microsoft Says Rootkit Caused Windows Blue Screens

Thursday Feb 18th 2010 by Staff

Windows XP users who got a "Blue Screen of Death" after last week's Patch Tuesday upgrades were infected with the Alureon rootkit.

Computerworld: According to Microsoft, only users whose PCs were already infected with the Alureon rootkit received the "Blue Screen of Death" messages after last Tuesday's updates.

Unfortunately, recovering from the damage caused by the rootkit may be more difficult than finding the source of the problem. "If customers cannot confirm removal of the Alureon rootkit using their chosen anti-virus/anti-malware software, the most secure recommendation is for the owner of the system to back up important files and completely restore the system from a cleanly formatted disk," Microsoft's Mike Reavey wrote in a blog post. However, Microsoft is working on an easier way to remove the virus, and security vendors like Kaspersky and Symantec have released advice on workarounds.

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