War Game Reveals U.S. Lacks Cyber-Crisis Skills

Wednesday Feb 17th 2010 by Datamation.com Staff

During a war game which simulated an attack on the nation's cell phone services and power grid, participants found that they lacked the necessary tools to respond effectively.

Washington Post: On Tuesday, high-ranking officials from previous administrations participated in a four-hour war game that simulated an attack on U.S. cell phone networks and power grids. Sponsored by the non-profit Bipartisan Policy Center, the exercise demonstrated that officials were not prepared to respond to such an attack.

"We were trying to tee up specific issues that would be digestible so they would become the building blocks of a broader, more comprehensive cyber strategy," said Michael V. Hayden, former CIA director and the principal creator of the "Cyber ShockWave" simulation.

"People have trouble understanding warnings," said former acting CIA director John McLaughlin. "It was only after Sept. 11 that people could visualize what was possible. The usefulness of the simulation is it will help people visualize [the threat]."

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