Google Shows Off Chrome OS Tablet Ideas

Tuesday Feb 2nd 2010 by Staff

In the wake of the iPad launch, Google is mocking up tablet PCs that run on its Chromium operating system.

cnet: With all the attention Apple's been getting over its new tablet, it's no surprise that other tech companies are toying with the idea of launching tablet PCs of their own. The latest to do so is Google, which released photos of a potential tablet device running the Chrome operating system (currently code named "Chromium").

"While its primary focus is Netbooks, Chrome OS could eventually scale to a wide variety of devices. Each would have vastly different input methods, available screen space, and processing power," says the Chromium Web site.

Cnet theorizes that "It's possible that Chrome OS could be an easier sell on tablets than on Netbooks, the class of device on which Google said it plans to launch Chrome OS. Netbooks often are used as general-purpose PCs, so the browser-based philosophy of Chrome OS is a more jarring transition."

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