Semantic Web Already Having an Impact

Thursday Jan 28th 2010 by Staff

Scott Prevost of Microsoft's Bing says that search engines are starting to utilize semantic technology with mixed results. The dream of semantic search--natural-language queries that result in accurate, timely results--are starting to be realized, according to executives at Kosmix and Microsoft Bing. Bing's Scott Prevost says that search engines are doing a better job of recognizing the context of words--for example, when "apple" refers to a fruit and when it refers to the technology company.

"We've been going after the Semantic Web for a couple of years ahead of others," said Kosmix's Abhishek Gattani. "The Semantic Web isn't coming with one big bang. It'll be up to companies like us to understand content and take the onus off the publishers of having to describe all their data."

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