Wall Street Expects Apple's 'Risky' iPad To Sell 1m-5m In First Year

Thursday Jan 28th 2010 by Datamation.com Staff

Wall Street analysts all seem to agree that the Apple iPad will be a big hit with consumers.

Apple Insider: Responding to Apple's much-anticipated announcement of the new iPad device, Wall Street analysts predict first-year sales between 1 and 4 million, with further sales growth to come. "Apple is a company willing to take risks and define new categories of products," said Analyst Charlie Wolf with Needham & Company. "The iPad is not a revolutionary product. But it has the potential to become one once the creative juices of content providers are unleashed."

While some analysts admitted that a lack of some features and apps may be initially disappointing to some consumers, they generally believed that the device would grow in popularity over time. "It won't happen overnight," said Oppenheimer's Yair Reiner, "but in time, we believe that what looks today like a big iPhone or amputated netbook or a souped-up photo frame will be revealed as a revolutionary new media device."

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