Google Voice Web App Circumvents Apple's Blockade

Wednesday Jan 27th 2010 by Staff

Google has found a way to allow iPhone users to access Google Voice, despite Apple's refusal to approve Google Voice for the App Store.

Wired: Apple has refused to allow Google Voice to be listed in its App Store, but that didn't prevent Google from finding a workaround. By releasing Google Voice as a web page that is accessible from any HTML5 web browser, the company has made the service available to nearly all smartphone user. To access Google Voice, iPhone (or other smartphone users) simply visit

The move could be a significant development in the battle over whether app stores or HTML5 will be used to deliver the majority of smartphone applications. Wired writes, "In Apple’s ultimate nightmare scenario, its rejection of Google Voice could come back to haunt it, should history look back on this moment as when the scale tipped away from Apple’s App Store model and towards HTML5 apps that duplicate the functionality of downloadable apps without requiring custom development for each smartphone platform."

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