Oracle-Sun Deal Observers Mull MySQL Fate

Friday Jan 22nd 2010 by Staff

Tech industry analysts wonder what will happen to Java and MySQL if and when the Oracle-Sun deal goes through.

InformationWeek: Several observers have weighed in with their opinions of the results of the Oracle takeover of Sun.

Rod Johnson, founder of SpringSource, told InformationWeek "that he expected Oracle to maintain the Java programming language and its Java Community Process." He said, "It's not in the business interest of Oracle to do anything that would damage the Java ecosystem."

Roger Burkhart, CEO of Oracle competitor Ingres, has often been quoted as saying that MySQL is not a competitor to Oracle, but he has some concerns about the future of MySQL, saying that "he is on the lookout for how MySQL's relationships with partners who are Oracle competitors change after the acquisition."

A third observer, Nobby Akiha, senior VP of marketing at Actuate, said "If Oracle sticks to its commitment to spend more on R&D, maintain healthy relations with third-party developers and launch advisory board to help guide MySQL's future, we imagine they'll see great success."

On the other hand, Florian Mueller, the EU campaigner opposed to the deal, warned "I can't think of a single bad thing, short of discontinuing the product immediately, that Oracle couldn't do, while still complying fully with those promises in a legal sense."

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