Hot Tech Jobs 2010: Look to Mobile and the Cloud

Thursday Jan 21st 2010 by Staff

Which job titles will be most in demand this year? Mobile applications developer and cloud computing software engineer.

eWeek: To determine which IT jobs will be hot this year, you have to look at those areas that are expected to grow. According to eWeek, "Mobile developers, cloud application developers, software engineers, IT architects, UNIX and Linux system administrators, Internet/cloud security professionals, Java experts, CRM experts, service operation managers, and those with enhanced algorithm expertise are some of the job titles and skills in demand."

eWeek bases those conclusions in research from IDC and Gartner, in particular research that indicates that sales of mobile devices will rise this year, as will enterprise use of cloud computing. That suggests jobs related to mobile computing and cloud apps "will be sure to grow in job demand and garner strong salaries this year and beyond."

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