Code Is the New Resume: How to Get an IT Job in Today's Economy

Wednesday Jan 20th 2010 by Staff

Even though unemployment is up, demand for developers with knowledge of Linux is also on the rise.

eWeek: While almost everyone in the tech industry has been affected in some way by the economic downturn, some are better positioned than others to weather the storm. Who are they? Open-source developers.

"Their code—and thus their work—lives on in an open-source community, where it can easily be seen and used by many companies, not just the one who laid them off," Amanda McPherson writes in eWeek.

She continues, "Linux vendors and users across the globe are saying that Linux and open-source talent is not as abundant as they would have thought. We're at a tipping point, where the demand for talent is outpacing the supply. At the same time, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of developers and operations pros looking for new opportunities."

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