White House Asks Tech Leaders How to Modernize Government

Friday Jan 15th 2010 by Datamation.com Staff

President Obama says the federal government needs to stop wasting money on doomed IT projects and update its outdated technology.

NetworkWorld: In a speech, President Obama said that many of the government's IT efforts actually hinder its abilities to serve its citizens. He called for an end to wasting money on doomed projects and pointed out the need for agencies to upgrade their systems.

The speech was part of a summit with company executives on improving the effectiveness of government. "Government workers get a bad rap. All too often their best efforts are thwarted because the technological revolution that has transformed our society over the past two decades has yet to reach many parts of our government," said Obama. "Many of these folks will tell you that their kids have better technology in their backpacks and in their bedrooms than they have at their work."

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