Tech Industry Rallies for Haiti Relief Effort

Friday Jan 15th 2010 by Staff

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, a number of tech companies have found ways to join the relief efforts.

PCMagazine: The images of the terrible aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti have prompted many members of the tech industry to get involved. Here's a quick rundown of their efforts:

  • Facebook launched a "Global Relief" page aimed at raising funds for relief efforts. Oxfam America reports that it has already raised more than $33,000 through Facebook fundraising efforts.
  • Twitter reports a number of organizations are taking donations through its service, including the Red Cross, Oxfam, and the musician Wyclef.
  • Google plans to donate $1 million to the efforts, as well as spotlighting the relief on its search pages and releasing satellite images of the area.
  • Several mobile providers are accepting donations via text message.
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