Security Experts Dissect Google China Attack

Thursday Jan 14th 2010 by Staff

Security experts trace the attack on human rights activists' Gmail accounts back to the Chinese government and indicate that several large organizations may have been under attack since last summer.

The Register: Experts have traced the cyber-attacks against Google and at least 33 other companies to China and say that the evidence implicates the Chinese government.

The Register reports that "VeriSign iDefense said it has spoken to 'two independent, anonymous sources in defense contracting and intelligence consulting.' They told it the source IPs and drop server of the attack had been traced back to systems associated with agents of the Chinese state, or their proxies."

The attack apparently used malware hidden in PDF attachments to e-mail messages in order to target information about human rights activists. Google discovered the malware in mid-December, but its similarities to an attack in the summer make it possible that several companies' systems have been compromised since July.

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