Facebook Partners With McAfee For Security

Thursday Jan 14th 2010 by Datamation.com Staff

The 350 million Facebook users will each receive a free 6-month subscription to McAfee's security software.

InformationWeek: As the number of attacks on social networking users is increasing, Facebook and McAfee have announced that all of the popular site's 350 million users are eligible for a free 6-month subscription to McAfee security software. When the trial period is up, Facebook users will be asked to pay a fee to continue the service, which will likely be less than the usual fee paid by McAfee subscribers.

Of course, in order to use the free service, users must be on a Windows PC: Mac and Linux users can't use the McAfee deal, but are generally believed to be at less risk from cyberattackers anyway.

In a blog post, Facebook project manager Jake Brill wrote, "Now, if your computer is infected, you will be asked to run a scan ... and clean it before accessing Facebook... We're not aware of another free Internet service that takes this much responsibility for helping people keep their accounts secure."

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