IT Personality Types: 8 Profiles in Geekdom

Monday Jan 11th 2010 by Staff

According to InfoWorld, "In the workplace you'll generally meet three kinds of personalities: Type A, Type B, and Type IT. The last are a breed apart from the rest."

InfoWorld: What types of people will you meet in the IT department? Here's InfoWorld's list:

  1. The Empty Suit--usually department managers and business managers hired as a liaison between techies and management, probably the most popular guy in the department.
  2. The Scary Sys Admin--"Your company can't run without him -- and he knows it." Just be sure to stay on his good side.
  3. The Human Roadblock--No matter you propose, the human roadblock always says it can't be done.
  4. The Angry Support Drone--This help desk worker will do what you ask, but no more.
  5. The Übergeek--Super-smart and super-anti-social, he's saving the world with as little interaction with mere mortals as possible.
  6. The OS Fanboy--Every conversation with this cult-like follower begins or ends with statements about why Mac or Linux (or Windows) is completely superior.
  7. The Promiser--He or she will say anything to close a deal.
  8. The Shadow--If something is going wrong, the shadow will know and ignore the problem. "It's not my problem, it's not my job, it's not my fault."
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