Court Questions FCC Authority to Impose Net Neutrality

Monday Jan 11th 2010 by Staff

If the FCC loses its case against Comcast, it may speed up efforts to create formal Net Neutrality rules.

PCWorld: Today, the FCC attempts to enforce Net Neutrality based on the "Four Freedoms" outlined by the agency in 2005. In a lawsuit, Comcast claims that those freedoms are more a general framework than actual enforceable laws.

According to PCWorld, "Based on how the case is proceeding now, it seems obvious that the appeals court will decide in favor of Comcast, leading to misguided speculation that the case will validate opposition to the FCC authority over Internet providers and put a nail in the coffin of its efforts at establishing formal net neutrality rules." Instead, the article warns that a ruling against the FCC would actually just speed up efforts by the FCC and Congress to put in place more formal Net Neutrality rules.

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