The Future of Unix Standards: Unix 10?

Wednesday Dec 30th 2009 by Staff

The Open Group is close to rolling out the latest version of The Single Unix Specification.

ServerWatch: The Open Group, a vendor- and technology-neutral consortium that oversees usage of the Unix name and compliance with its specifications, will soon roll out the third version of The Single Unix Specification. The new version will be more evolutionary than revolutionary and will be completely backwards-compatible with older versions of Unix. However, according to Andrew Josey Director of Standards at the Open Group, the new standard will include some important new features. "We've got some new glibc features coming in to make the API sets richer," he said. "We're looking at better internationalization support, multi-threading support, more robustness, and we're looking at better thread handling."

Although they currently refer to the standard as Unix 03, The Open Group has not yet decided what they'll call the standard once it's released. Again according to Josey, "We may not even do a brand number this time -- we're debating how to package it up. If we do give it a number, we might call it 'Unix 10,' but we may not call it that at all."

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