Top 7 Disruptions of the Year

Monday Dec 28th 2009 by Staff

Which seven technology changes made the biggest impact this year? Here are Wired's picks.

Wired: Which technologies made the biggest changes in the way we live and do business in 2009? According to Wired, the biggest disruptions came from:

1. The Google Stack--The ever-growing number of Google applications for both consumers and enterprises made Google a true technology platform.

2. Mobile App Stores--Apple's App Store and others turned the mobile phone into a mobile computer.

3. HTML5--Sexy it isn't, but over time the new protocol will likely have a bigger impact than more frequently discussed trends as it allow mobile apps to run as Web pages instead, simplifying development.

4. The New FCC--Under the Obama administration, the FCC has become much more active and controversial on matters like broadband adoption, net neutrality and VoIP on smartphones.

5. Streaming Music--Thanks to Pandora, YouTube and others, streaming really took off for the first time this year.

6. The Real-Time Web--Twitter and other sites changed the world's ideas about real-time updates of on-going news stories.

7. Augmented Reality--It's still a work in progress, but these new services combine the virtual world with the real world in new ways--showing people tweets over their heads, for example.

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