IBM's Six Green IT Initiatives Target, Energy Efficiency, GHG Reduction

Tuesday Dec 22nd 2009 by Staff

Big Blue is determined to position itself as the leader in green IT. These six initiatives help make the case.

eWeek: What is IBM doing to demonstrate that it's the leader in green IT? Here's a look:

1) Green Sigma - IBM has initiated a new industry alliance called "Green Sigma" to monitor and analyze solutions for greener IT.

2) Supercomputer/furnace - The company is building a first-of-its-kind watercooled supercomputer that uses the excess heat it generates to warm office space.

3) Battery research - The search is on for the next generation of rechargeable batteries that will last up to 10 times as long as today's models.

4) Efficient sewage - IBM software is helping San Francisco better manage its wastewater and reduce pollution.

5) Green data centers x 100 - Big Blue just finished outfitting its 100th green data center. This one is located in Columbia County, Georgia.

6) Energy management - IBM's Tivoli Monitoring for Energy Management now works with other software packages to help company's better track and control their energy use.

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