Firefox 3.5 Edges Ahead in Browser Race

Tuesday Dec 22nd 2009 by Staff

For now, Firefox 3.5 users outnumber users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7.

Network World: According to the CEO at StatCounter, "Firefox 3.5 is now the most popular browser worldwide." However, if you add up all the users of all the versions of Internet Explorer and all the users of all the versions of Firefox, IE still comes out ahead.

According to StatCounter 21.39 percent of people on the Internet used Firefox version 3.5, while 21.2 percent of visitors ran Internet Explorer version 7 during Dec 14-20. Overall, 55.44 percent used some version of Internet Explorer, while 32.12 percent used some version of Firefox. Since the beginning of the year, IE has lost about 17 percent of its users, and Firefox has gained 25 percent more users.

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