Google Android Market: 20000 Apps And Rising

Wednesday Dec 16th 2009 by Staff

Google's Android Market has crossed the 20,000 applications mark and is continuing to grow at a rapid clip, having nearly doubled in size in the last five months, according to a third-party portal.

ChannelWeb: A 20,000-app strong Android Market still puts Google well behind the titanic that is Apple's App Store, but the progress suggests the Android Market is poised for explosive growth next year.

The 20,000 apps statistic comes from AndroLib, a portal and applications tracker that looked at the distribution of free and paid applications in Android Market and on Tuesday had the Android Market at more than 20,140 applications. Of those applications, about 62 percent are free and 38 percent are paid, according to AndroLib. Google's Android Market saw the most software added in November 2009, around the time Motorola's Droid smartphone was launched, AndroLib found.

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