AT&T sides with Google and Verizon over blanket Net neutrality rules

Wednesday Dec 16th 2009 by Staff

In a letter sent to the FCC on Tuesday, AT&T agreed with the positions of Verizon and Google over the idea that strict 'non-discrimination' rules would adversely affect the growth and stability of the Internet.

Apple Insider: Tuesday, AT&T released a letter to the FCC, where it argued that while the idea of an open Internet was critical to innovation and opportunity, to make nondiscrimination the ultimate goal of the Net neutrality debate would unfairly hamstring AT&T and other companies from effectively managing their networks.

"Preserving the open character of the Internet is critically important to ensuring that all consumers have the opportunity to be creators of content," states the letter. In achieving this goal AT&T wants to make sure "regulations do not undermine our efforts to deploy affordable, ubiquitous broadband or inappropriately infringing on the flexibility for network operators to effectively manage their networks in order to ensure quality of service to all customers."

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