Best Buy and CE Vendors Sued over GPL Software

Tuesday Dec 15th 2009 by Staff

In a lawsuit filed today, the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) is taking aim at alleged GPL license violation by 14 consumers electronics vendors including retail giant Best Buy. The violations are related to the GPL licensed BusyBox collection of utilities which are found in products sold by Best Buy and included by multiple consumer electronics vendors including Samsung, Westinghouse, and JVC. BusyBox is a collection of Unix utilities that have been optimized for size and are most commonly used in embedded environments such as TV sets and DVD players. "Each Defendant distributed and continues to copy, modify, or distribute Plaintiffs' copyrighted BusyBox software without Plaintiffs' permission and despite the fact that Plaintiffs notified each Defendant of its unlawful activity," the SFLC lawsuit states. "Since each Defendant has infringed Plaintiffs' copyrights, and since that infringement is ongoing, Plaintiffs seek damages, injunctive relief, attorneys' fees, and all other appropriate remedies available under the law."
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