iPhone users are delusional, consultants say

Monday Dec 14th 2009 by Datamation.com Staff

Strand Consult suggests that iPhone users are suffering from a form of Stockholm Syndrome--the condition in which the kidnapped begin to show loyalty to their kidnappers.

Cnet: Many people are frightfully attached to their iPhones. They treat them as if they were a peculiar and exotic lover, one they can hardly believe they have managed to seduce. The finely calibrated minds at Strand Consult have taken this analysis to a particularly simple conclusion: iPhone users are, the consultants say, really quite nuts. "When we examine the iPhone users' arguments defending the iPhone, it reminds us of the famous Stockholm Syndrome--a term invented by psychologists after a hostage drama in Stockholm. Here, hostages reacted to the psychological pressure they were experiencing by defending the people that had held them hostage for six days," Strand declared.
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