News Brief: Google Revs Web Development With GWT 2.0

Friday Dec 11th 2009 by Staff

This week, Google debuted GWT 2.0, which provides new developer workflow improvements as well as performance enhancements.

Andrew Bowers, GWT Product Manager at Google, explained that in GWT 2.0, Google has added a new declarative user interface called UI binder. The addition allows for developers to write the user interface as an XML template, drop in widgets, and then associate or bind those widgets to a Java class where the app logic sits. What that achieves is a separation of the presentation and the application logic for quicker developer iterations. Another key improvement in GWT 2.0 is the ability to do code-splitting and incremental downloading of applications. Application load and start-up time can often be an issue with modern Web applications. One potential solution is to split the code up so that only the code required for boot is initially loaded, with the rest loading incrementally as needed.
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