Securing Web Apps: Build Then Patch or Rebuild From Scratch?

Wednesday Dec 9th 2009 by Staff

When an enterprise uses a cloud computing platform, it must trust the provider to maintain a secure environment for its corporate data to reside. However, the Web-based applications with which the enterprise interacts with the provider can also be cause for concern in terms of security. When these apps are found to have security vulnerabilities, is it best to patch them and move on or rebuild them entirely?

For the cloud customer, it's often been understood that the service provider and the application developers take care of safeguarding customers' data. However, too many major data breach disclosures in recent years have fueled worries about data security. These security concerns are no longer small worries for companies that trust their computing integrity to the clouds. Web application security concerns have become the basis of an ongoing debate for which no clear winning argument has yet resulted.
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