Global CIO: General Motors CIO On 4 Essential IT Skills

Wednesday Dec 9th 2009 by Staff

General Motor's CIO Terry Kline would like to hire people with all 4 into the new GM. But how can IT pros get this broad experience?

"I've always broke IT into four areas," explains Kline. Those areas are: 1. Software development: You've written code. 2. Operations: You've backed up servers, installed operating systems, reloaded a router. Bottom line: "You know how to keep the lights on," Kline says. 3. Architect: You know how to do jobs such as put in multiple servers with high availability and failover, you know how to deal with volume shadowing, you understand when it's best to stripe and disc and not. Etc. 4. Databases: This factors into all the others, but Kline makes it its own category to settle the argument over which one it goes in. Kline figures it takes about 15 years to gain sufficient experience in all four disciplines.
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