Kubernetes vs CloudFoundry [VIDEO]

Tuesday Nov 8th 2016 by Sean Michael Kerner

Mark Shuttleworth explains why he continues to support both CloudFoundry and Kubernetes.

The market for Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities has become increasing confusing in recent months as the Kubernetes container orchestration platform picks up momentum in an apparent battle against Cloud Foundry.

For Linux vendor Canonical, the lead commercial sponsor behind the Ubuntu Linux operating system, the issue of Kubernetes vs CloudFoundry is about choice, as Canonical supports both platforms. In a video interview, Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu, details his firm's progress with Kubernetes and why CloudFoundry still makes sense for many organizations.

"For us Kubernetes is really the engine, the turbine at the heart of a PaaS, whereas CloudFoundy is an entire PaaS" Shuttleworth said.

Shuttleworth said that for large organizations CloudFoundry is a great PaaS, providing a number of workflows. In contrast, a raw Kubernetes deployment gives developers total control of the process containers.

Watch the video interview with Mark Shuttleworth below:

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